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Ladder wholesalers tell you how to avoid a ladder slipping

2017-10-27 16:10:34 点击数:668
Ladder wholesalers tell you how to avoid a ladder slipping In life, we often hear about slippery ladders and casualties. Sometimes we think we've been very careful, but we can't avoid minor accidents. Ladder manufacturers come to share some of the effective ways to prevent ladders from slipping.
First of all, choose some chairs with anti slip effect when choosing a ladder. Technology continues to advance, from the practicality and safety of products, ladder manufacturers from the ladder pedal, hinge and other structural levels continue to improve to achieve the best results. Antiskid ladders have become more common equipment.
The second thing is some common sense of using safety. When doing ladder work with ladders, wear anti slip shoes to prevent the soles from slipping. In the smooth floor work such as floor tiles, to avoid single operation, it is best to lay some antiskid felt to avoid skidding.
The above is our ladder wholesalers to tell you about the relevant knowledge, for the above knowledge about what you do not understand where we can call us contact us! We have a complete range of products, affordable, what you do not understand what place, timely contact us!