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Introduction of telescopic ladder principle and application method

2017-10-27 16:10:34 点击数:781

Introduction: there are many things that are convenient in life, it is better to say -- telescopic ladder. Through a variety of telescopic ladder, use is very extensive. But the ladder are different as the different aspects of the use, the tuba rabbit Xiaobian to sort on the principle of telescopic ladder and different uses, explain the different places of telescopic ladder using different models, as we later in life there is a need to provide a correct understanding, can provide convenience for everyone life.
The telescopic ladder can be stretched and shortened like a fishing rod. The product is easy to carry and store. It can be placed in the closet, study room, bed or the trunk of the car. No need to rely on objects, hand pull type telescopic convenient and fast, reduce labor costs and construction time. Super light weight, ultra short height, super safety, user-friendly design, beautiful appearance, so that the products sell well around the world.
Specification and principle of telescopic ladder:
Because of its simple structure and principle, it is different from other customized stairs, so the ladder usually does not need to be measured by door. What you need to do is to open the stairs and the entrance. Before deciding to do this staircase, we must communicate with manufacturers in advance, strictly according to the requirements to open the stairs hole, otherwise the stairs can not be installed. At present, there are two sizes of common telescopic stairs, namely 70CM*90CM and 70CM*120CM.
Engineering telescopic ladder:
Science and technology is the first productivity, there is no doubt that such a novel telescopic ladder was born, the ladder is a heavy engineering ladder, length of 4 meters to 12 meters, the double telescopic ladder has eight feet, including four feet (just activity can be used in narrow space places), when the foot is opened. Can be used independently, without relying on hand, telescopic convenient, because the birth of this project of telescopic ladder, in the lobby ceiling construction middle / change the street lights, eliminating the tedious steps of scaffolding, reduces the labor cost and construction time.
Bamboo telescopic ladder:
Telescopic ladder, double sided, and single-sided, folding, easy to use at home, very convenient, easy to collect, do not occupy the position.
Ladder introduction:
As the fishing rod telescopic ladder like stretching and shortening, shortening the length of 0.7 meters, height up to 4 meters after stretching, the telescopic ladder weighs only 6-10 kg, in ascending operation, can bear the weight of 150 kilograms. The product is easy to carry and store. It can be placed in the family closet, study room, under the bed or in the trunk of the car.
The telescopic ladder use in our daily life is very extensive, some ladder suitable for use at home for some simple and convenient location, suitable for engineering work, and has also installed ladder ladder theories, different has its own characteristics and long. Through the introduction of Tuba rabbit small, everyone on the ladder is not a more specific understanding. Hope that the introduction and introduction of the rabbit will have some help to your life!