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Can you use the ladder correctly?

2017-10-27 16:10:34 点击数:665

The ladder is one of the most common things in life, every family needs a ladder, even without a home should be standing, so sometimes the bulb is broken, possible period of want or need, to take some things, need a small ladder, and sometimes very simple things, without a ladder was especially difficult, then you the correct use of the ladder? Today, let the ladder equipment manufacturer talk about the use of the ladder.
Before the ladder is used, we must carefully check whether there is obvious visible defects, the use of good condition. Check according to the instructions of the manufacturer. The ladder like below can not be used: don't use the bent ladder, don't use the ladder without the stick / pedal, and don't use the ladder without the stick / pedal.
Choose the right ladder according to different work contents. For example, make sure that the ladder is high enough to allow you to reach the working area without having to stand at the top of the pedal. Isolate the climbing area to protect the people near the ladder. Or let colleagues supervise or guide passers-by nearby.
Also note that, when using the ladder to focus as much as possible to the direction from the ladder, do not deviate from the center of gravity, so it is easy to cause instability may fall, the correct use of these methods is the ladder above the defective ladders should not be used again, a ladder is not your life and health is priceless, there is a need of automation equipment and tooling equipment of the multi-function ladder can inquire manufacturers.