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2017 nearing the end of the staircase enterprise analysis of the status quo, summed up the future

2017-10-27 16:10:43 点击数:693

As 2017 draws to a close, home firms have slowed down the market, spending more time rectifying existing products and developing new products. At present, the entire market has reached saturation, and in this case, how will the staircase enterprise development, which should start from the future market?
Analysis of stairs Market
The products are mainly sold to domestic stairs, through the way of franchised stores across the country, but mainly in the high population level one or two city, fought in three grade and below county level for nearly two years, the stairs of the market share is gradually increasing, and more than the traditional gypsum stairs stairs. How to push the stairs to a higher level is what the business and the dealers are thinking about.
Stair product style characteristic
The product characteristics of domestic market is that the product development frequency is relatively high, many varieties, the same product output is low. The characteristics of products exported abroad are single product variety and almost zero requirement for product development. It is characterized by large-scale production and few varieties production mode. The stairs to enterprises to develop production and development mode, special products according to the needs of foreign markets at present, if enterprises want to stairs to the foreign market, also have disadvantages in terms of market development, talent construction and brand awareness.
Stair industry adjustment development strategy
The domestic market there is always saturated day, prudent adjustment strategy can be implemented to the stairs enterprises, domestic and foreign market linkage strategy. Products from domestic sales to domestic and foreign market linkage, the formation of internal export "two wheel drive", can promote business structure adjustment, realize marketing globalization mode. At present, the stair industry is in a high speed rising development cycle, the upgrading of domestic consumption structure and consumption level, the increase of income, the acceleration of urbanization construction, to the stairs enterprise brings opportunities for development.
At present, the foreign market is still waiting for development, before this, the staircase enterprises should improve their own enterprise strength and brand reputation as soon as possible. Make the enterprise bigger, strength bear, don't worry about the market development!