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Knowledge of aluminum alloy ladders

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When we buy Aluminum Alloy ladder some confusion is good or bad, and we can't see it from the surface of the ladder is Xi'an Aluminum Alloy ladder manufacturers to tell you from the ladder of the weapon, luster and texture can be distinguished. Some of the best hand touch resolution method, several following methods for you reference.
Materials for 1. ladders:
Gloss can be seen through the material. The surface treatment is not smooth, the general good product aluminum structure is close. With hand touch feeling is not the same
Welding products must be welded fish scale as standard
Ladder work of 2. aluminum alloy ladder factory:
First open the ladder and see if the ladder opened squeak creak sound, absolutely not a good ladder. The ladder is open closed, there is no sound.
Take a look at the rivet processing state, if loose or gap is too large, more than 0.02MM are dangerous goods
If the lock is loose, it is also related to the safety of life. If the lock is loose, the operation will automatically move and discard
Feet are fixed to see if it is firm, if it is loose and floating, it is dangerous goods
When the ladder is open, can the level be fixed, such as shaking, please flatten it and use it again
3. check the endurance:
In order to prevent the poor quality of the bearing capacity of the ladder in check we hurt, we need to look at what is the maximum endurance, endurance and consistency in weight when applicable, we test. Another: not all of a sudden increase, need to add some weight in the test can bear.